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With Love Seed Recruit Team

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What is Seed Recruit?

Seed Recruit is an online automated recruitment platform for candidates and Startups.

We are developing a technology that is making the job-candidate matching simple, fast and interactive.

How does Seed Recruit work?

Seed Recruit is somehow like a dating website, but for hot jobs and hot candidates.

Our automated recruitment platform matches the candidates’ profiles with the jobs postings.

What is our mission?

We believe the recruitment market is broken, especially for small size companies. There are many tools and resources out there but recruiting is still very challenging.

Talents are struggling to get a great job. Companies are working hard and spending too much time and money to find good talent.

Our mission is to provide a platform that connects people looking for a new job with people who are hiring. We aim to work with the best, fast-growing and innovative companies on the one hand, and the brightest minds on the other.

121 Startups are hiring.

you are recruiting:

  1. Build your online profile on the platform
  2. Tell us what you are looking for
  3. We come up with the best candidates

you are a candidate:

  1. Build your online profile on the platform
  2. Tell us what you are looking for
  3. We come up with the best job openings

the seed recruit team


Co-founder & CEO
Indian. Entrepreneur. Tech guru. Blog author at Incurable food junkie. Passionate creator. Total geek.
You should know…
Taught Parkour in the streets of Sydney.


Co-founder & COO
French. Entrepreneur and private equity-survivor. Rationale dreamer. Socialite, passionate foodie and yogi. Life liver.
You should know…
Ex-captain of the French hockey team.


Co-founder & Head of Investor Relations
French. Life coach, business angel and entrepreneur. Cheering up and motivating the team. Caffeine provider.
You should know…
Professional paraglider for the French team. Movie producer


Head of Product and Design
Italian. Love to use design to order the flux of things in new products and in human brains.Map addicted, Nihilist Cyclist.
You should know…
Spent an year in Lapland building igloos and reindeer sleighs.


Spanish. Focused PHP developer, Symfony and refactoring addict. New to the City and curious explorer. Family is key.
You should know…
We can speak about what you want, just bring good coffee!


Code Ninja
British. Young passionate coder (any codes). Always looking for new challenges. Devoted Nando’s lover and Oreo’s addict.
You should know…
He’s one of youngest developers in Tech City.


Community Manager
French. Part of the young city council. 10 years of drama. Passionate about cinema, photography and painting. Discoverer.
You should know…
Acted in several TV movies when she was younger


Portuguese. Addicted to web and new technologies. Hipster single speed rider with no bike. Fitness and Swimming lover.
You should know…
Just moved to London, let's schedule a run!

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